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Preface to Segond's book 'Renata Tebaldi'

From Segond, A. (1981). Renata Tebaldi. Lyon: Editions Jacques-Marie Laffont et Associes

I got to know Renata Tebaldi in years 1942-1943 when she lived in Pesaro, the town where she was born and where she studied with Carmen Melis at the Rossini Conservatory.

We were very young then, and we often amused ourselves, with our friends, by singing romances and duets together.

I was already a professional singer and, despite my short experience in the theatre, I predicted a dazzling career for Renata. My prediction didn't fail. In fact, some years later, she became a new star in the lyric sky.

Renata Tebaldi! A voice of incomparable purity and splendour, combined with a profile of a noble Venetian lady, which gained her the title "the greatest Desdemona of all times". A close relationship formed quickly between us in the theatre as well as an intense discographic collaboration, which made the public and the critics proclaim us "the couple of the century".

Renata! This prodigious work of nature was also a refined and complete musician. Her artistic personality dominated the greatest scenes for over thirty years. Today, she has retired from the lyric arena and the whole world has placed her on a throne, as in the Olympia of Gods.

Mario Del Monaco
Lancenigo (Treviso)
September 15, 1981



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